Roku Ultra Roku Ultra is one of many streaming players that'll get the Roku 8.1 update. (The update is free, the box is $89 on Amazon

The update for Roku OS 8.1 is on its way any minute now — if you don't have it yet, it's coming. We've known the big strokes of what to expect for a while now — private listening through up to four connected devices, and voice search in the UK.

But that's just part of what's coming in this Roku update. Let's take a look at the full changelog.

Private Listening in Roku Update 8.1

If you're in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Latin America, UK or Ireland, you'll have support for simultaneous Private Listening through up to four mobile devices. That is, you fire up the Roku app on your phone, and use that to stream the audio from your Roku box into wired headphones.

(Note that it won't work if someone's also using Private Listening through the Roku enhanced remote control, which has its own headphone jack.)

Enhanced voice search in the UK

If you're in the United Kingdom and have a Roku Streaming Stick+ you'll be able to search for entertainment through the enhanced remote control. Press and hold the search button, and then speak.

You can ask for movies, shows, actors or directors — or launch channels within Roku, too.

A few other updates

  • DTS passthrough from HDMI to audio receivers and sound bars has been improved.
  • Audio settings have been simplified. Audio format settings are now in the "S/PDIF and ARC" menu within the audio settings menu.
  • For Roku-powered displays — You can enter your ZIP code to make sure you're getting info specific to your location when an antenna is connected.
  • Fixes screen jitter from occasionally occurring when certain Blu-Ray players were connected to a Roku TV.
  • And other unnamed bug fixes "to improve overall streaming performance and reliability."

Which devices are getting Roku OS 8.1?

Every Roku TV is expected to get Roku OS 8.1. (Which makes sense given the changeling.)

In addition, the following streaming players will get the update:

  • 4660X
  • 4640X
  • 4630X
  • 4620X
  • 4400X
  • 4230X
  • 4210X
  • 4200X
  • 3910X
  • 3900X
  • 3810X
  • 3800X
  • 3710X
  • 3700X
  • 3600X
  • 3500X
  • 3420X
  • 3400X
  • 3100X
  • 3050X
  • 3000X
  • 2720X
  • 2710X
  • 2700X
  • 2500X
  • 2450X
  • 2400X

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