The steps you need to take to cancel your Fubo TV account depend on how you started your account to begin with, whether you signed up online, with your iPod/iPad/iPhone, on Roku, or with your Apple TV. When you're done canceling your account we've got information on the perfect alternative for you, and that's Hulu.

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  • Still need Fubo?: Fubo TV ($45+/mo)
  • A great streaming alternative: Hulu ($8+/mo)

How to cancel your Fubo TV subscription online

  1. Go to Account Settings on the Fubo website (you need to sign in to reach this page).

  2. Press the Cancel button that is located to the right of the Cancel Your Subscription option under Subscription.
  3. Select the reason for canceling your account and press Continue.

How to cancel your Fubo subscription on Roku

  1. Click here to view your subscriptions on Roku. You'll need to sign in to access this page.
  2. Find your Fubo TV subscription and press the Unsubscribe button to the right of the listing.

  3. Select Yes, Unsubscribe.

How to cancel your Fubo subscription on an iPhone, iPad or iPod

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device.
  2. Select iTunes & App Store.
  3. Select your Apply ID.
  4. Select View Apple ID.
  5. Select Subscriptions.

  6. Find Fubo TV under the list of subscriptions and select it.
  7. Select Cancel Trial or Cancel subscription.

  8. Select Confirm.

How to cancel your Fubo subscription on an Apple TV

  1. Go to the Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Select Manage Subscriptions under Subscriptions.
  4. Select Fubo TV.
  5. Select Cancel Subscription.

Canceling your subscription during a free trial will cause the trial to end immediately. Fubo doesn't offer refunds for canceling your account in the middle of a pay cycle. When you cancel the account, you will still have access to all the features you paid for until the end of your billing cycle. Then the account won't be renewed and you shouldn't be charged.

Your subscription will have a Renew button to the right of the listing on the Fubo website. If you decide to reactive your account before your billing cycle is over you can press that button to renew your account.

So... Now what?

Time to check out a few other subscription options! Fubo is sad to see you go, but that doesn't mean there isn't another service out there for you.

Make sure you look into Hulu. There are plenty of plan options to watch with or without ads and even a Live TV add-on! Much like Fubo, Hulu offers a wide variety of selections when it comes to shows, movies, and sports, and isn't restricted to one type of network. Unlike Fubo, the prices for Hulu are down right competetive. If you're unsure if Hulu is the right choice you can take advantage of one of its free trial offers.

Our top pick


Watch all the shows

Hulu has a large selection of shows, movies, and sports. You can even add Live TV to your plan and never miss a moment of any of your favorite shows.

The best package deals


The Ritz for Cord Cutters

If you start with the standard Fubo (87 channels available) or Fubo extra (107 channels available) you can claim a free one-week trial and pay $45+/mo after. The Fubo TV Bundle doesn't have a free trial, but it does come with a discount on Showtime, Cloud DVR Plus, and family share for $40 a month.



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