The true test of any service is whether they make it as easy to leave as they do to sign up. And Sling does a pretty good job of that if you choose to cancel. That's not to say they won't throw a couple confirmations your way in hopes that you'll change your mind — and they might even offer up some free hardware if you choose to stay and pay for a couple months of service. But it's mostly a painless process.

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Sling cancel

Here's how to cancel your Sling TV subscription:

  1. Log in to your Sling Account page here.
  2. Click the "Cancel subscription" button.
  3. Go through the confirmation pop-ups.
  4. Poof. You're canceled.

That's it, really. Sling will try to entice you to stay — and there's nothing at all wrong with that. But this is, on the whole, a pretty painless operation.

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