Amazon Alexa provides an enjoyable and straightforward interface to interact with your smart appliances. The convenience of simply shouting out "Alexa" into the air whenever you have a request is truly a handy feature. However, many worry that Alexa is listening to more than their direct requests, and want to have more control over what the smart assistant can and cannot hear.

How to take control of your privacy with Alexa

Amazon has started to address some of these concerns with its Privacy Hub. It's an online portal where users can review what kind of data is being collected by Alexa and place restrictions on Amazon's access to that data. Users can access the Privacy Hub from the web or through the Amazon Alexa app on their iOS or Android device. In addition to these digital security options, Amazon also features physical privacy measures on devices like the Fire TV Cube.

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So with that in mind, here is a simple way to prevent Alexa from listening to you from your Fire TV Cube.

How to prevent Alexa from listening to you on the Fire TV Cube

  1. Make sure your Fire TV Cube is plugged in and activated.
  2. Turn the device to where the blue indicator light is facing you.
  3. Look at the button arrangement on the top of the device. Locate the button on the left that has a circle with a line crossed through it - this is the mute button.

  4. When you press the button you will see it light up indicating that Alexa can no longer hear or listen to your voice through the Fire TV Cube.

You've successfully stopped Alexa! It is worth noting, however, that you can still control your Fire TV Cube and navigate the interface by pressing on the microphone button of the Alexa Voice Remote. This gives you the best of both worlds - voice controls and privacy!

Our top equipment picks

The Fire TV Cube is the only Fire device you can controll with your voice without needing to use a remote. Like the Echo line, it's also the only one that has a physical mute switch to prevent Alexa from listening to you.

Little Black Box

Fire TV Cube

The best streaming box left?

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is a great hybrid device, combining the best of an Amazon Echo with a Fire TV Stick for less than purchasing both separately. And like the Fire TV Stick, you can use the Cube with older, existing TVs; smart or otherwise.

Additional Equipment

Now that you know how to control the privacy settings on your Fire TV Cube, it's time to optimize your viewing experience. Some simple additions from Amazon can add enhanced functionality, such as the ability to watch live, over-the-air TV in HD and record shows with a digital video recorder (DVR).

Alexa Voice Remote ($30 at Amazon)

This handy remote works with all current Amazon Fire TV products, including the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Stick 4K. It allows you to invoke Alexa and navigate your Fire TV by pushing the top microphone button, and you can also control the TV volume.

Fire TV Recast ($230 at Amazon)

The Amazon Fire TV Recast is an excellent option for the true cord cutter. Coupled with a digital antenna, it acts as a DVR that allows you to record live TV programs and replay them across any of your Fire TV devices or any device with the Fire TV mobile app.

AmazonBasiscs Indoor Flat TV Antenna ($20 at Amazon)

Unless you already have a digital antenna, you'll need to purchase one like this to take advantage of the DVR capabilities of the Fire TV Recast. This antenna from AmazonBasics offers a 35-mile range, supports 1080 HD pictures, and comes in black or white.

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