Best answer: You can get up to 2TB of storage on your HDHomeRun Servio. This is equal to 300 hours of recorded live TV or 150 of your favorite films.

Save some room

If you're looking for a storage companion for your HDHomeRun tuner, the Servio is a perfect option. With up to 2TB of storage, it will be able to save all of your favorite shows. You can get up to 300 hours of live TV saved onto your Servio, which is equal to 600 soap operas, 400 dramas, or 100 football games.

This storage unit is perfect for families and singles alike, with the space to accommodate everyone's shows or even just to save your favorite films. You can connect it to any of SiliconDust's tuners, so it's compatible with any setup you may already have. You don't have to include any outside storage on your PC, it's all on your Servio.

Is DVR free?

With the Servio, you have to be able to DVR these shows to save them. Unfortunately, the current DVR service does have a small annual cost, but it is quite reasonable. For $35 per year, you can save all of the shows you might miss or any movies that you want to keep stored away for a rainy day.

Once you get the app downloaded for the DVR service, go ahead and put in all your information for the process. After signing up for the service, you'll be good to go. Unfortunately, there is no free trial for the DVR service, so you have to pay for it right away to be able to try it out, and you'll be in a year-long contract after your purchase.

What is HDHomeRun?

HDHomeRun is a service that uses over-the-air antenna waves to bring your network and local live TV. The only purchase you have to make is their tuner unless you invest in the DVR service. It's the perfect way to go ahead and cut out cable if you're looking to save a little money month-to-month.

They have several different options when it comes to tuners, depending on what you want to get out of it. Whether you need to connect lots of devices or maybe just one, there is a great option out there for anyone. There is a breakdown of the devices on its website, so you can get more knowledge and see what fits your lifestyle and needs.

To Store

HDHomeRun Servio

Save it all.

With the ability to store up to 300 hours of your favorite shows on your Servio, you can save almost anything. Not to mention, you won't have to worry about missing the lastest episodes or any football games. Save it and come back later to enjoy it.

To Watch

HDHomeRun Quatro

Watch it on anything.

The HDHomeRun Quatro makes a perfect companion to the Servio if you're looking to let all of the family save shows. With up to four tuners to connect your devices, you and your kiddos can watch their shows on their own devices. It's a perfect way to watch your live TV and record it in case there's anything you might miss.

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