Hulu on Roku

Roku is the most popular streaming hardware in the United States. Hulu is one of the best streaming services available. Pair the two and you've got the perfect match. Here's how to subscribe to Hulu directly from within Roku:

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How to subscribe to Hulu from Roku

  1. Install the Hulu channel from the Roku store, if you don't already have it.
  2. Choose "Start a Free Trial" from the main screen.

    Hulu on Roku

  3. Select a plan — either the basic Hulu service with ads, Hulu without ads, or Hulu with Live TV.
  4. Click "Continue."

    Hulu on Roku

  5. Click "Continue" again to let Hulu fill in some of your account information automatically. (Or click "Cancel" if you don't want it to.)
  6. Confirm your name, email, birthdate, gender and ZIP code.
  7. Enter a strong password.

    Hulu on Roku

  8. Click "I Agree" to accept the subscription.
  9. Finally enter your Roku PIN to confirm the subscription.

You've now started a free seven-day trial of Hulu. After that first initial week, Hulu will begin billing you directly through your Roku account. Note that if you want to change that billing information, you'll need to do so through your Hulu account.

Our top equipment picks

These are the mandatory or core equipment selections. Optional or ancillary equipment will follow.

Roku TV

TCL 6-Series 55-inch

A smart, affordable smart TV

The Roku 6-Series marries the tech specs you want with a platform that you won't have to fight to watch the things you want to watch.

One out of every three smart TVs sold in the United States is a Roku TV, and for good reason. They've got the tech specs you want, including 4K resolution, support for Dolby Vision and HDR 10 for high-dynamic range, extra inputs for gaming consoles and other HDMI devices — and they're pretty much the easiest thing to use. Plus you'll have access to pretty much every streaming service available.

Additional Equipment

If you don't need a new TV, there are plenty of other Roku streaming devices that will get the job done.

Roku Premiere ($39 at Amazon)

Roku Premiere is the perfect mid-range streaming device. It handles 4K just fine, is wireless, and doesn't even come close to breaking the bank.

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