Few things are more American than college football. Sure, the NFL is entertaining, but there's something about watching the team of your alma mater hit the gridiron. It's even better in the modern age where you can watch on your television, smartphone, tablet, or whatever else you have.

But if you've been used to your cable provider's sports channels, it can be a bit daunting to try to find the teams you want after cutting the cord.

Here's how to watch college football if you've cut the cord!

Watch College Football with an over-the-air antenna

This method will take the most time and initial cost, but it'll be the cheapest in the long run — that is, if you don't want a streaming service for anything else. Most CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox affiliates will broadcast college games, though the exact channel will come down to which team or conference you're trying to watch.

You'll need to spend time setting up and fine tuning your antenna, so make sure you have that in place a few days before the first game. If you want to watch or record multiple games that are airing at the same time, an over-the-air tuner or streaming box is another great piece of kit.

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Watch with a streaming app

Most streaming services — especially those that are essentially cable replacements — offer access to local channels. Again, you'll need to find out which channel your team is playing on, and whether the streaming service you have offers that channel.

Additionally, many of the streaming services have regional sports of one sort of another. The trick is that what you'll get varies depending on where you live.


ESPN and ESPN2 cover about 80% of college games, so chances are your team's game will be broadcast. ESPN is part of most of the streaming bundles, but if not, Watch ESPN is available as well. Here are the streaming services ESPN is part of:

Philo Fubo HDHomerun
ESPN x x x x x x

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