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Good news, everyone. It's 2018, and you no longer need a cable or satellite subscription to watch TV. Even better is that the major streaming services (and a bunch of minor ones, too), even offer your local broadcast channels. That last part will vary a little bit depending on where you live, but the point is that it's easier than ever to watch what you want to watch, and not pay a bunch of ridiculous taxes and fees in the process.

That brings us to the 2018 World Series. That's baseball. And that's going to start on Oct. 23, once the League Championship Series games are out of the way.

Who's playing in the 2018 World Series? It'll be either the Houston Astros or Boston Red Sox against the Los Angeles Dodgers (sorry, old habits die hard) against the Milwaukee Brewers.

How to stream the 2018 World Series

Every game in the 2018 World Series will be broadcast on Fox. All of the major streaming services — the Big 5 we like to call Sling TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live and YouTube TV — at least have the possibility of streaming Fox. Again, it may vary depending on where you live, so you'll want to check on your own. But there's a pretty darn good chance you'll be covered.

Also, you'll notice that YouTube TV is again a huge sponsor of this year's World Series. So get used to hearing "the 2018 World Series presented by YouTube TV." So, yeah. You can watch it on YouTube TV.

Or, use an antenna

I'm still a huge fan of over-the-air antennas. I've found that I often get a picture with less compression and a better bitrate. Basically, a better picture. Plus — assuming you get a good Fox signal where you live — the only real expense is a one-time splurge on hardware. And a decent outdoor antenna can be had for around $50. (An indoor antenna can cost even less.)

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Or, stream on

Here's another option: Major League Baseball's very own It lets you watch on all kinds of devices. And if you weren't already subscribed, you can get the rest of the postseason for $25. That's not exactly the best deal for just the World Series, but it's definitely another option.

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