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When it comes to enjoying your favorite streaming, live broadcast, or downloadable television shows and movies, Amazon Fire TV is hands down the best device on the market. Offering thousands of apps and near-endless hours of new and old content, with easy to use remote and voice command control, there's always something great to watch. However, for those unfamiliar with Amazon Fire TV devices, getting there may be a little confusing at first. Here's how to do it.

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How to watch movies or television using the Fire TV remote

Once you've mastered finding, downloading, and installing apps, you can use our helpful guide below on how to get started watching your favorite programs and films. We will have you streaming and channel surfing in no time. Let's start at the Amazon Fire TV Main Menu.

  1. Select the Home button to begin from the Fire TV Main Menu, the starting point, so using any apps on the device.

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  2. For movies, select the Main Menu setting Movies, which will show you all avaiable movies and movie-streaming apps downloaded or hosted by Fire TV.

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  3. For streaming television, select the Main Menu setting TV Show, which will show you all available tv series and television apps downloaded or hosted by Fire TV.

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  4. For live television or broadcasted movies, select the Main menu setting Live, which will show you all available broadcasts and live apps in your region.

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And that's all there is to it! You have the watching power of Amazon right in the palm of your hand. But that's not the only way to watch using your Fire TV. You can also search using voice commands.

How to watch movies or television using Alexa's voice commands.

Using voice commands is pretty simple. The process is only two small steps.

  1. Select the Microphone button on the top of the Fire TV remote, or address your connected Amazon Echo device.
  2. State an Activation Command, such as opening a program like "Alexa, open Netflix," or requesting a specific program like "Alexa, play Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan."

Between remote control and the hundreds (and growing) of voice commands for video apps and viewable content, you'll be all set to enjoy your favorite movies, tv shows, and live broadcast events. There's more to watch on Amazon Fire Tv than could ever reasonably be viewed in a single lifetime, so you'll never be left feeling there's nothing good on ever again.

Our top equipment picks

These are the mandatory or core equipment selections for watching movies and television on Amazon Fire TV.

The key to success

iPassport Mini Bluetooth Keyboard

All-in-one addition

There is nothing more frustrating than navigating a search bar with an analog controller, jumping back and forth from letter to letter. With the iPassport Bluetooth Keyboard for Fire TV, you're got a full QWERTY keyboard right there in your hand, complete with light-up keys for easy spotting (keyboard is an attachment only, remote not included).

Additional Equipment

Discover the Amazon Fire TV device that is right for you and get watching all your favorite movies, television shows, and live events.

Amazon Fire TV 4K High Definition Stick ($50 at Amazon)

Enjoy the best that streaming television has to offer in the highest quality resolution with Amazon's 4K HD Fire TV Stick

Standard High Definition Amazon Fire TV Stick ($40 at Amazon)

If the highest-of-high def isn't a necessity for your viewing pleasure, why not try the Amazon Fire TV Stick Standard device, with all the same great content.

HDMI to AV converter for Fire TV ($30 at Amazon)

Just because you don't have the latest HDTV doesn't mean you have to miss out on all Fire TV has to offer. This converter will make nearly every television on the market streaming-compatible.

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