Puppy Bowl XV on Animal Planet

The Big Game is this Sunday. No, not Super Bowl LIII. The other Big Game. The one with more penalties and controversies than any other game that's ever been played by a group of puppies (and the occasional kitten) on TV.

Category Specs
What Puppy Bowl XV
When 3 p.m. Eastern, Sunday, Feb. 3
Channel Animal Planet
Services Philo, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue

Yep. It's Puppy Bowl XV. (That's 15, for those of you who don't speak Greek.) And you'll be able to watch at on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. Eastern (that's noon on the west coast) on Feb. 3. It's a two-hour even that puts Team Ruff up against Team Fluff for possession of the Chewy.com "Lombarky" trophy at GEICO Stadium. (What, you didn't think this thing was sponsored at least as much as the NFL?

Also of note is that all of the puppies and kittens who participate in the Puppy Bowl have been adopted. That's a very good thing.

And coming back for the second year is Puppy Bowl Presents: The Dog Bowl, which you can catch at 8 p.m. Eastern on Feb. 2. You don't want to miss this.

Returning for the second year to Animal Planet is Puppy Bowl Presents: The Dog Bowl, the paw-tastic football competition for adult and senior dogs living in rescues and shelters, hosted by award-winning animal advocate Jill Rappaport. These fuzzballs are oftentimes overlooked by younger pups, but here at The Dog Bowl audiences can see these 63 dapper dogs and the amazing spirit they can bring to any loving family.

So, then, the only question is how can you watch the Puppy Bowl. That answer is simple — it's on Animal Planet.

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For those who have cut the cord, however, it's a matter of tracking down which streaming services carry Animal Planet. Checking the ol' Streaming Channels Matrix we find the following:

Watch the Puppy Bowl on Philo

Philo is an excellent little streaming service that starts at $16 a month for a whole smattering of channels — 44, to be exact — including Animal Planet. Plus it's got a free trial, so you can catch the Puppy Bowl as part of that promotion for free this weekend. (If you want to get even more channels, Philo tacks on another 13 channels for just $4 more each month.

Get a free trial of Philo

Watch the Puppy Bowl on PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue continues to be a great option for cord-cutters, and it also carries Animal Planet. And what's more is that it does so on its least-expensive plan, which runs $44.99 a month. (You also can get it on any other PSVue's more expensive plans, too.)

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Watch the Puppy Bowl on DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now also carries Animal Planet, and like PSVue it also carries it on its least-expensive package, which runs $40 a month. And like PSVue, it's also available on all of the more expensive plans, too.

Get a free DirecTV Now trial

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