The football season has finally reached its apex. After 266 games, the 2019 NFL season has narrowed from 32 teams down to the final two. On Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 6:30 p.m., the New England Patriots will play the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl. Whether you are a fan of these two teams, or you tune in for only one football game a year, chances are you want to watch this game.

As CordCutters, we want to be able to watch the game on whatever device, and through whatever way works best for us. Fortunately, there are many good options for CordCutters to watch the game. No matter if you are watching a broadcast on your TV or streaming to your phone, you have more easy choices to watch the Super Bowl than ever before.

Watch the Super Bowl using an over-the-air antenna

You can keep things really simple and still get a great experience by watching the Super Bowl through your local CBS affiliate. CBS is the network that has rights to this years Super Bowl. Just hook up a good over-the-air antenna to your TV or tuner, and turn the channel to your local CBS station.

The best over-the-air antennas

If you want to use your over-the-air antenna with a smartphone, tablet, or streaming device, you could consider buying an over-the-air streaming box. It will take whatever the antenna can pick up, and convert it to stream on your local network.

The best over-the-air streaming device

Watch the Super Bowl on local CBS via a streaming service

You may already be a subscriber of a streaming service, and these can make streaming the Super Bowl convenient. If you have never been a subscriber, you could consider starting a free trial at the beginning of February, and it will include the Super Bowl. You will need to check with your streaming service of choice to make sure your local CBS station is included.

Official CBS Streaming options

The Super Bowl will stream live on CBS' own dedicated streaming service, CBS All Access. The service has more than just football. It includes hit original shows like Star Trek Discovery and over 10,000 episodes of current and classic CBS shows. CBS All Access offers options for on-demand shows on a commercial free package, or one with limited commercials.

Most important to football fans, CBS All Access includes a Live feed of CBS, including the Super Bowl, in over 150 cities. CBS All Access is available for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. You can also get it on Samsung smart TVs. Check the availability of a live stream in your area by scrolling down to the Stream Live TV 24/7 section to check availability.

Get a free trial of CBS All Access

CBS is also streaming the Super Bowl live for free on CBSSports on the web and in the CBS Sports app. No sign up is required in the CBS Sports app. The CBS Sports app is also the home of CBS Sports HQ channel. CBS Sports HQ is a free 24/7 streaming sports network that is perfect for CordCutters who want highlights and news without having to pay a subscription.

The CBS Sports app is available for Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Fire TV, Roku, and Xbox One. Make sure to check your app ahead of time to know if it supports Live TV. The Android TV app does not appear to have that feature, so you will need to Chromecast to your device.

Download the CBS Sports mobile app

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