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There are a lot of different Roku players out there. Some are sticks. Some are boxes. Some are ... well, they're in between. Then there are the Roku TVs. (They're excellent.) And now we have Roku Smart Soundbars and subwoofers and ever wireless speakers.

And one thing they all have in common is they can allow you to watch UFC 248 on March 7, 2020, when Israel Adesanya defends his middleweight title against Yoel Romero.

Which Roku you use doesn't even matter. (We're partial to the Ultra, though, since you asked.) You can watch UFC 248 on any of them. There are, however, a couple things you need to do first.

How to watch UFC 248 on Roku

If you're going to watch UFC 248 on Roku — or anything else that's on ESPN+, for that matter — you're going to need to get the ESPN "channel" on Roku. (Think of it like an app, really.) Because every single UFC pay-per-view event is only available on ESPN+. It's an exclusivity thing.

And for that, you'll need the ESPN app on Roku. (Erm, "channel.")

To get the ESPN Channel for Roku, you can hit up the store from within your Roku itself.

Or, if you'd prefer, you can sign into your Roku account and load the ESPN channel remotely. Click here to do so, and it'll automatically install itself on your Roku device. (Yes, that's pretty handy.)

This is where it gets a little complicated, however. Because next you'll need a subscription to ESPN+. You can't watch the fight without it.

We need to talk money, though.

  • If you're not yet an ESPN+ subscriber, the best deal by far is to get UFC 247 and a year of ESPN+ service for just $84.98. That'll save you 25 percent compared to if you were to get them separately.
  • If you're paying for ESPN+ on a monthly basis, you can also upgrade to that $84.98 deal, which includes a year of ESPN+ as well as the UFC 247 PPV event.
  • If you're a current annual ESPN+ subscriber (or just want to get the UFC 247 PPV event on its own) it'll run you $64.99.

So take your pick. The link below will get you to all of these options. Which is best we'll leave to you.



Adesanaya vs. Romero and Weili vs. Jędrzejczyk in UFC 248

On March 7, invite your fight-loving friends over to watch two UFC title fights. Can Romero and Jędrzejczyk upset the champs? You can find out if you watch it on a Roku.

How to stream UFC 248 even if you're outside the United States

If you are jacked for UFC 248 but already have tickets that take you out of the country, you might believe that you're out of luck. Streaming U.S. based sports like the UFC can be as frustrating as a first round disqualification. It's all because streaming services often block their feeds if you're not in America. Suddenly, your streaming subscriptions look like they've lost all their value.

However, there are ways to get things working again by using a VPN, which is short for "Virtual Private Network". It sends your internet traffic from far away through a specific set of servers, then pops it back into the United States.

Does a VPN sound appealing to you? It's easy to get a great one with subscription services that, for a few bucks a month, tunnel your traffic through your choice of a variety of locations. It can also give you security and peace of mind on open WiFi connections, because a VPN protects you against snoopers on any network.

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