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Hulu today announced that after extensive research and testing, it'll start showing you advertisements when you pause a video.

Here's the word from Hulu:

With Hulu's new pause ads, advertisers no longer need to interrupt the storytelling experience to get their message in front of the viewer. The pause ad takes advantage of the natural behavior exhibited in streaming TV viewing today. It is non-disruptive and viewer-initiated, and appears when a viewer pauses the content they're watching. This high-impact ad execution currently consists of two elements – ad creative supported by contextually relevant messaging along with a background gradient to distinguish the ad from the content scene.

We are testing our new pause ads with two national brands, Coca-Cola and Charmin as our beta advertising partners. Hulu expects to introduce this new format in Q2 2019 for select content within the Hulu streaming library.

As far as ads go, that's really not the worst idea. Figure that if you're pausing the show in the first place there's a good chance you're doing so because you need to do something for a bit that will involve you not actually looking at the television screen. So it's an unobtrusive advert shown at a time in which you're most likely doing something else anyway. Good for the advertiser, better for you.

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Hulu confirms that you'll also get pause ads when you're on one its ad-supported tiers. So if you're paying $11.99 (Hulu on Demand) or $50.99 (Hulu with Live TV), you won't be seeing the ads.

You'll start seeing these new pause ads in the second half of the year.

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