Adding new films to your digital movie library can be really affordable if you only shop during sales like the one going on at iTunes today. Digital HD and 4K films are on sale as low as $5 right now, including 90s essentials, animated favorites, and more. Considering how expensive movie tickets can be these days, not to mention the outrageous prices for concessions, you do not want to miss this chance.


iTunes Digital HD and 4K film sale

The Truman Show, The LEGO Batman Movie, Scarface, and so many more films are discounted at iTunes today with prices starting at just $5

Starting at $5

Among classics like Resevoir Dogs and Scarface, you'll find more recent releases like Nightcrawler, Hacksaw Ridge, and Last Holiday, and that's just in the $5 film category. For a few dollars more, movies like Pulp Fiction and Inception are on sale.

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There's a whole selection of 90s films on sale for $9.99 each, including picks like 10 Things I Hate About You, The Truman Show, Wayne's World, and The Sixth Sense.

Meanwhile, a bunch of animated favorites are $10 or less now too, like The LEGO Batman Movie and Ice Age.

These deals won't last forever, so head to iTunes now to check out the full sale while it's still live.

Cyber Monday!

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