Claire Underwood Robin Wright as Claire Underwood on Netflix's "House of Cards." (Image credit: Netflix)

We've got a new House of Cards teaser in our midst. And while the Nov. 2 air date was already known, we've got a look at what may have happened to Frank Underwood. Mainly, that he's dead. And that he might be (or almost certainly will be) killed off doesn't exactly come as a surprise, given the fall from grace of Kevin Spacey over alleged sexual abuses. (Which, by the way, apparently won't be prosecuted because the statute of limitations had expired.) But it's the disdain with which his widow — now President Claire Underwood — speaks that piques our interest.

Is that Claire talking to her husband, telling him she won't fail as he did? (And an Underwood succeeding can most certainly be a scary thing.)

Or is it all a further shot at Spacey, the failed man?

We'll find out Nov. 2, which the final season begins.

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