The eight episodes of Lenox Hill on Netflix were gripping in their own right, focusing on birth, brain surgery and the people who frequent the emergency room. But filming ended in November 2019, just a couple months before the brewing global pandemic hit the United States, and New York City in particular.

So what happened? We're about to find out.

A special ninth episode is being added to the Lenox Hill documentary series on Netflix on June 24.

You'll see ER Dr. Mirth Macri, of course. But in a situation like this it's all hands on deck. So you'll also see Dr. David Langer — a neurosurgeon — gearing up and hitting the front lines.

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And the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak quickly hit home. In the three-minute trailer, we see Dr. Charles Carpati, a critical-care medicine specialist, calling a patient's wife to tell her that her husband isn't getting better.

"This is a terrible story," he says, "because this patient is related to one of our employees."

Dr. Macri was forced to send her family away.

"I've had to send my son and my husband to live with my parents because I can't risk exposing them. ... It's completely life-changing. I'm sure this whole experience will change our lives forever, even when this virus is gone — if it ever will be."

Lenox Hill


The bottom line: It's easy to think of hospitals and health care as soulless, broken entities. But as these doctors and patients remind us, it really can be all about the people.

The good

  • It's a great reminder that doctors care
  • And that we all need to help people
  • The storylines suck you in but don't wear you out

The hard stuff

  • Not everyone makes it

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