LG Cinebeam 4K

LG has started selling the Cinebeam Laser 4K projector in its home country of Korea. The dual-laser system (because one laser just isn't enough anymore) has a resolution of 3840x2160 and a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Brightness is rated up to 2750 ANSI, or about 790 nits.

In other words: Damn.

Why lasers? First, why not. Anytime you can use lasers, you should, right?

LG Cinebeam 4KAlso this projector has a ridiculously short throw considering it's meant for a 100-inch image — and can even go as high as 120 inches. LG also touts the fact that instead of only being able to adjust the four corners of the picture to avoid the dreaded trapezoidal effect you can get with projectors, it's able to bend up to 12 points of the screen frame. That'll make for a better-adjusted picture without distortion.

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In addition, this projector is smart. It's got LG's version of webOS on board (yes, that webOS, and it's now at v4.5) so you can watch Netflix, YouTube and more right out of the box, without having to use your phone to control things.

And because it's 2019, it's got some AI built into it along with speech recognition.

LG says it's expecting to sell 50 of these projectors through the end of the month, and those who buy one will also get a free gift thrown in, such as an air purifier. (LG makes everything.)

The LG Cinebeam Laser 4K projector (which is model HU85LA, if you're keeping track) will retail for 5,890,000 won, or a little less than $5,000 U.S.

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