LG OLED 2020Source: LG

What do you do if you're LG? You're already making some of the best televisions around, with the coveted OLED panels. (If you've yet to experience an OLED TV, get thee to an electronics store ASAP.) Screen resolutions already have reached 8K, even if the content hasn't.

So what do you do? You look for inspiration. And with its 14 new models for 2020, LG has taken inspiration from the world of art.

LG GX GallerySource: LG The LG GX Gallery TV for 2020.

The new GX Gallery series brings a trio of televisions — in 88-, 77- and the new 48-inch OLED varieties — and combines the best from the technical side of things with a form factor that's going to absolutely stand out unlike anything it's done before. And the 4K varieties of the the GX series skinny things up with 20mm thicknesses. (And presumably a lower price than the 8K models.)

But for as much as what's going on with the outside of LG's 2020 offerings, what's on the inside remains as important.

The Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor is at the heart of things, powering the webOS platform with even more reliance on artificial intelligence, used in combination with the new UHD Alliance Filmmaker Mode, and Dolby Vision IQ. And webOS itself is going even deeper into the content game, with services like Disney+, Netflix and CBS All Access directly integrated, so owners won't have to hook up a separate streaming device if they don't want to.

Gamers will enjoy the integrated NVIDIA G-Sync feature, too, which it started rolling out to its current lineup in 2019.

What's left? Just waiting for the new models to make their way to a store near you.