LG Cinebeam Laser 4K HU80K

Here's what you need to know about projectors: The more it costs, the better it is. The closer you can get it to the wall you're projecting it to, the less of a pain it'll almost certainly be.

Oh, and lasers are badass.

LG tonight announced its second-generation Cinebeam projector (model HU80K, for those of you who prefer the LG monikers), which sports some serious ultra-short-through tech. That means it doesn't have to be mounted in the middle of the room — you can keep it ridiculously close to the wall on which it will be projecting.

This new model, which will be shown at CES next month in Las Vegas, gets you a 90-inch picture with the (rather large) base just "a little more than 2 inches" from the wall. Back things up to 7 inches or so and you'll be rewarded with a 120-inch picture that LG says is "still bright."

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As the name implies, it'll handle 4K resolution, and its rated up to 2,500 lumens.

LG's ThinkQ AI platform also is on board, so you should be able to rock it with your favorite voice controlled system.

LG didn't announce a price, but you better believe we'll get some quality time with this beast in Vegas.


LG's Latest CineBeam Offers Astonishing Image Quality, Ultimate Convenience and AI Technology for a Superior Viewing Experience

SEOUL, Dec. 21, 2018 — LG Electronics (LG) is set to unveil its second-generation CineBeam Laser 4K projector (model HU85L) with Ultra Short Throw (UST) technology at CES 2019. This CES 2019 Innovation Award winner builds upon the success of LG's first 4K projector (model HU80K) and continues to stand out from the crowd with its minimal space requirement and compact design that can project stunningly sharp 4K images on practically any flat surface – a wall, floor or ceiling.

With UST technology, LG CineBeam Laser 4K can be placed a little more than 2 inches from the wall to project a 90-inch diagonal image. Placed 7 inches away, the projector produces a much larger and still bright 120-inch image. Simple and efficient to set up, the space-friendly unit provides stunning viewing experiences on a truly cinematic scale.

Delivering 2,500 ANSI lumens and 4K UHD resolution, LG CineBeam Laser 4K ensures exceptionally bright and clear images and superb black level, enhancing the viewer's sense of immersion. LG model HU85L can reproduce highly accurate colors courtesy of its wide color gamut, which further increases the realism of every picture displayed. LG's projector also provides plenty of content options, enabling users to stream movies and shows from their favorite services while USB, Ethernet and HDMI provide more connectivity choices.

Extremely compact, the projector can be easily moved and adjusted for any environment, saving time in order to get right down to the business of viewing. The LG CineBeam Laser 4K is smaller than other leading 4K projectors and has a subtle design that won't distract or interfere with the viewing experience — and makes the LG HU85L an attractive addition to any space. The advanced projector offers enhanced visual accuracy with a 12-point keystone adjustment feature, eliminating the image distortion that often affects other UST projectors.

The LG CineBeam Laser 4K brings maximum user convenience through the inclusion of AI technology* which enables customers to use voice commands to access the natural language processing capabilities of LG's AI solution, ThinQ. Viewers can actually control the operation of the projector by saying, "turn off projector after the movie has finished" or narrow the content to view by telling the projector to "play yoga videos on YouTube". Viewers can access a list of movies starring their favorite actors then select the content by speaking into the included Magic Remote. The Magic Remote also recognizes gestures and features backlit buttons for easy navigation which turn on automatically when motion is detected.

"The new CineBeam Laser projector marries spectacular 4K viewing experience with the convenience of AI technology," said Jang Ik-hwan, head of LG's IT business division. "There is no other product like this on the market, illustrating how LG continues to deliver unique value to consumers."

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