Look at that. Seriously, just look at that. In an era in which, year after year, we continuously declare CES dead and that nothing really stands out anymore, LG has gone and done what only LG can do.

It rolled up an OLED panel and tucked it neatly out of the way. Because nobody wants to see a blank screen all day.

And then it went and put the damn thing in the middle of the room.

This TV is what The Future is supposed to look like.

What you see here is the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9). It's 65 inches of rollable, flexible goodness. It's gorgeous. It's what The Future™️ is supposed to look like. And, as it turns out, you're not actually supposed to hide the whole thing away when not in use. It's got three modes of varying degrees of exposure — Full View, which is exactly what it sounds like, Line View, which turns it into a mini screen, and Zero View, which lets you play music through the 4.2-channel, 100-watt system. (Dolby Atmos is on board, too.)

Other news of note? Google Assistant is still here (LG's had it for a while now), Amazon Alexa has been added, and it's also got support for Apple's AirPlay 2 and HomeKit.

Now to be fair, this promo video is the sort of context in which a rollable TV actually works in the middle of the room. It's not supposed to make sense. It's not supposed to be practical. And I'm not going anywhere near whether or not it'll be affordable. Because if you have to ask ...

But, damn, it looks cool.