Frndly TV

What you need to know

  • Hurricane Dorian is headed toward the East Coast.
  • The Weather Channel isn't on most major streaming services.
  • But it's available on frndly TV for just $6 a month.

One of the stranger things about moving to streaming video is that The Weather Channel isn't available all the places you'd expect to find it. And until recently, you'd need a relatively expensive plan to watch it. That's changed with the advent of frndly TV.

Frndly TV, as the vowel-less name sort of suggests (seriously, that's still a thing?) is a "family-friendly" streaming service that sports just a dozen channels, and most of them have something to do with the Hallmark Channel. But tucked away in there, too, is The Weather Channel, making this the third service to support it. (That's along with AT&T TV Now and Fubo TV.)

What really stands out, though, is the price. You can get those 12 channels for a mere $5.99 a month. (And you can get the annual price down to $60 if you pay for a year up front.) There are caveats with that price, though not necessarily deal-breakers. The base plan only offers those channels in standard definition, and only on a single device. If you want an HD stream and the ability to watch on two devices, you'll need to pony up $7.99 a month (or $80 a year) for the "Classic" plan. That also gets you the ability to DVR as much as you want, though you can only keep those recordings for 30 days.

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By comparison, the next least-expensive way to get The Weather Channel is on Fubo TV, which costs almost 10 times as much. You will, however, get a lot more channels on Fubo TV or AT&T TV Now. Here's the full list of what's on frndly TV:

  • Hallmark Channel
  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
  • Hallmark Drama
  • Game Show Network
  • Outdoor Channel
  • Sportsman Channel
  • World Fishing Network
  • BabyFirst TV
  • PixL
  • Light TV
  • QVC
  • The Weather Channel

As for which devices you can use frndly TV on, it's fairly comprehensive, though not totally. You can watch frndly TV on Roku players and TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS and Android, or with a web browser.


frndly TV

Cheapest way to watch The Weather Channel

Frndly TV focuses on "family-friendly" content. It's got just a dozen live channels, but one of them happens to be The Weather Channel, making this the least expensive way to watch it.

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