Thanks to the show's recent anniversary, there have been plenty of deals on Friends recently, spanning from Blu-ray sets to standard digital copies and basically everywhere in between. Today, iTunes is getting into the mix, offering the entirety of the series in digital HD for just $29.99. That's one of the best deals we've seen, especially as you're getting the show in better quality than other stores have offered. The total today makes each episode cost less than twelve cents. You'll need to purchase via the iTunes platform if you're interested.

Friends has been a victim of the recent streaming wars, meaning it'll be leaving Netflix in a few months and heading to HBO Max. If you're a fan of the show, or any show, really, it's smart to buy copies when they're on sale rather than paying for a subscription service and crossing your fingers that your favorite content sticks around. By getting in on this deal, you'll be covered if HBO Max suddenly becomes HBO Max Plus, or if NBC decides to gain the rights next, or if some other streaming service comes along and disrupts things. Judging by how intense the battle of the streaming services has become, we wouldn't be surprised if the series moved again.

You'll get all ten seasons of the sitcom, so you can follow Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Smelly Cat, and the rest of the gang through the ups, the downs, and the bubble wrap fiascos. While these deals have been frequent over the last few weeks, the buzz is sure to die off at some point, so be sure to get in on this deal if you've passed on the others we've shared.

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