Spend the weekend indulging in nostalgia by getting one of the best deals we've seen for the entirety of Full House via iTunes today. You'll pay just $34.99 for all eight seasons of the show. Note that, like many other '90s shows, this one is available in standard definition. You'll also need to purchase through the iTunes platform.


Full House (The Complete Series)

Hang out with Michelle, Uncle Jesse, Danny, and the rest of the gang at one of the best prices we've seen. Note that you'll need to purchase via iTunes and that this purchase gets you the series in standard definition.

$34.99 $90.00 $55 off

Full House follows the adventures of Danny Tanner, Uncle Jesse, Michelle, and other beloved characters as they navigate through life. Raising kids, boy drama, the perils of being a rockstar... it's all there. Today's deal is saving you about 60% off what the series would typically cost.

If you'd rather watch something a little more contemporary, here's everything coming to Netflix in October. Of course, you could also just use Netflix to watch Fuller House, the series continuation, after you finish all eight seasons of the original.

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