NASA TV on Hulu

What you need to know

  • The NASA TV channel hits Hulu on July 19.
  • NASA launches rockets and lands things on Mars!
  • Space is still way cool!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but GOING TO SPACE IS PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME. Nevermind the naysayers. Never mind those who say it's a waste of money. They are wrong, and don't try to change my mind.

It's in that same vein that I'm more than a little stoked to see that NASA TV is coming to Hulu on July 19. Both NASA and Hulu announced it in a pair of tweets timed or World Emoji Day, which apparently is a thing that a federal agency tasked to launch people into an endless vacuum — and return them home safely — has time to consider.

But I digress.

Why is this a big deal, given that NASA TV already is available on NASA's own website, and on YouTube, and who knows where else? Because not everybody is on YouTube. Some folks park themselves in front of their TVs all day and stick to the roads they know. And that road may well be Hulu. And the ability to flip around and end up on board the International Space Station or on the latest launch or landing is a big deal. It should never become routine. It should never become old.

It's a little tough to tell just yet whether we'll get the full breadth of NASA TV, or if it'll be limited to a single channel's worth or content, or what. But it's got three shows featured thus far. They are:

  • NASA X: A new NASA television program that follows innovative new technologies and the NASA scientists, researchers and engineers who are putting them to work for us.
  • NASA Television Documentaries: NASA's Vision: To reach for new heights and reveal the unknown so that what we do and learn will benefit all humankind.
  • NASA 360: NASA 360 examines how technologies developed by and for NASA are used in everything from space exploration to everyday consumer products, NASA 360 showcases how NASA changes our lives in positive ways.

And on Friday, we'll get to touch the stars on Hulu.

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NASA TV on Hulu

The stars are out on Hulu

Hulu keeps getting better and better, and now it's adding NASA TV to its ranks.

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