Netflix has announced a new "Netflix Calibrated Mode" that's sort of a one-touch setting that will make Netflix look as good as possible on a TV.

With a single setting, it'll adjust colors, contrast and motion interpolation (that dreaded "soap opera effect" that no self-respecting person should ever use anyway) so that Netflix shows — all of the shows — look as good as possible.

The catch? It's for Sony's BRAVIA MASTER Series A9F OLED and Z9F LECD TVs.

Here's the gist:

We're now thrilled to introduce Netflix Calibrated Mode, a new feature developed by Sony picture quality and device experts in collaboration with Netflix color scientists and available exclusively on Sony's BRAVIA MASTER Series A9F OLED and Z9F LECD TVs. Supported for any type of content on Netflix, including but not limited to 4K and HDR, this feature leverages Sony's strength in image processing to provide a display mode that configures the TV the same way creators calibrate their monitors in post production.

That's all well and good. But the simple fact is that most folks don't know how to properly calibrate a TV, and that's probably not their fault. Good on Netflix and Sony for cooking this up, but it won't help all the folks who haven't shelled out for those high-end Sony sets.



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