NVIDIA today announced that its Shield TV will be switching over to the GeForce NOW service — basically a cloud service for gaming — that's currently available on Macs and Windows machines, bringing desktop games to the Shield platform. It'll let Shield owner play their personal library of games, or purchase new ones from digital stores like Steam and Uplay.

This all gets a little confusing because the previous thing on NVIDIA Shield was, erm, also called GeForce Now and was $8 a month. But now it's the PC/Mac version of GeForce Now. Not the Shield version of GeForce Now. But the new one is also on Shield. The old one, and its monthly fee, is going away. From Shield. Now.

GeForce NOW is in a free public beta. NVIDIA says the Shield switchover should happen in the next week or so. You can see the full list of supported games here.


If you're and Android lover, this is the box to get. And even if you're not, there's still a lot to like in NVIDIA Shield. Yeah, it's an aging product, having been introduced in 2015, but it's still extremely powerful thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra X1 system on a chip.

NVIDIA Shield also receives consistent software updates, and it doubles as a Chromecast target, making it super easy to watch anything you've got on your phone or tablet — and that includes iPhones and web browsers, too. Plus, it's one hell of a gaming platform, too, and can serve as a local media server.

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