ESPN+ Detail with Peyton ManningIf you had to pick one person to preview Super Bowl LIII (that'd be that little championship game happening on Sunday in Atlanta), who would you choose? Tom Brady's busy. So's Jared Goff.

Peyton Manning, then.

The Hall of Fame quarterback is all over ESPN+ this week on Detail as he breaks down the conference championship performances from the Patriots' Brady and Jared Goff of the L.A. Rams. The future Hall of Famer and owner of five Super Bowl rings meets the young upstart in his first championship game, and Manning takes a look at how each got there this season.

Never mind the controversy in the AFC Championship Game — the refs indeed blew that one six ways to Sunday — Goff's performance all season deserves another look. And same goes for Brady, who's making his ninth trip to the title game. And that both games required overtime only gives us that many more reasons to take another look.

So hit up that free trial of ESPN+ to watch as Manning breaks down Goff's communication at the line of scrimmage, and how Manning took control with yet another must-win drive.

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