MTV Classic on Philo

For those of you younger than 40 years old, MTV used to stand for "Music Television." And on that channel they showed things called "Music Videos," which was a visual way for bands and artists to share their songs on television. This was all back in a time before the Internet and Twitter and reality TV and it basically was a better time.

MTV Classic is a throwback to those days. Music Videos, and a lot of them, from all kinds of genres. And on Philo it joins the ranks of MTV, MTV Live (which once upon a time was Palladia) and MTV 2. And today, MTV Classic is now a part of Philo.

If you want to have a kick-ass Friday night, I recommend hopping into bed with the kids and throwing on some old Headbanger's Ball. It'll help your offspring understand you a lot better. Or not.

Philo, if you've never tried it before, is a streaming service that gets you 44 channels (including the addition of MTV Classic) for just $16 a month. For just $4 more every month you'll bump things up to 57 channels.

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