What will you do when Friends leaves Netflix? If you get in on this one-day deal offering the complete series of Friends for $54.49, you'll be just fine! The beloved show is going on a break with Netflix and heading to HBO Max next year, but you can be prepared and watch to your heart's content by actually owning the series. The deal saves you over $65 off the normal cost. There's a shipping delay, but you can still lock in the low price and your item will ship as soon as possible. You can also save big on the set in DVD format if you so desire.

Friends has had a cult following since it first aired in the '90s. Every product imaginable has had a Friends version come out. We're talking Friends-themed coffee, cookbooks, mugs, candles, and even LEGO sets. However, nothing beats owning the series for yourself. The deal will only last through the end of the day, so don't miss out if you're interested.

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