Plex Cloud

The headline says it all, folks. Plex is shutting down its Plex Cloud service on Nov. 30. That's probably not a huge surprise as it hasn't allowed anyone to add servers in some months. But still, it's sad to see it go.

What is (erm, was) Plex Cloud, you ask? Basically it was hooks that allowed you to store media on services like Amazon Drive and Dropbox and Google Drive and OneDrive and anything else that had the word "drive" in it and play that media back through a Plex database.

That sort of thing is hard, of course, and ultimately it was too much for Plex. Here's the official word, via the Plex forums:

We hold ourselves to a high standard, and unfortunately, after a lot of investigation and thought, we haven't found a solution capable of delivering a truly first class Plex experience to Plex Cloud users at a reasonable cost. While we are super bummed about the impact this will have on our happy Cloud users, ending support for it will allow us to focus on improving core functionality, adding new features and content, and delivering on our mission to provide a world-class product that we can all rely on and enjoy.

The good news is that anything you've got stored away will still be there, in Dropbox or Google Drive or wherever. You just won't be able to it through Plex. But what you can do (and what Plex recommends) is to download it all locally onto some network attached storage, or some other server still supported by Plex, and deal with things that way.

The cloud is hard, folks. The cloud is hard.

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