Amazon Prime Day savings go beyond the gear, and it gives you a chance to have more great things to watch for less. Amazon is offering deep discounts on full seasons of a wide variety of TV shows that you can own digitally. The selection includes hit shows from big networks, like BBC's hit Doctor Who, as well as other streaming services, including the Hulu original The Handmaid's Tale.

There is no need to wait for shipping either, because you can watch anything you buy here instantly in the Amazon Prime Video app or on the website. For some series, you can buy a whole season today for the normal price of just one episode. This is in addition to the cheap subscriptions for some Amazon Prime Video Channels that are also available.

These are our picks of some of the best Prime Day deals for full season TV shows. All prices shown are per season. Check out the full list of options on the Prime Video Prime Day sale site.

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Amazon Prime Day 2019

Assassin vs Spy: Killing Eve

Staff favorite

This BBC America series alternates tension, action, and suspense as two strong and brilliant women face off amidst international intrigue and mystery.

$10 at Amazon

Powerful drama: The Handmaid's Tale

Own the critically acclaimed series based on Margaret Atwood's novel. Watch as the Handmaids, women who have been forced into surrogate slavery, fight to survive.

$9 at Amazon

I need a Doctor: Doctor Who

This legendary BBC Sci-Fi series focuses on a time traveler with a changing face and rotating companions. Older seasons are on Prime Video, but you can get current with Season 11 on sale.

From $7 at Amazon

Elementary mysteries: Sherlock

You can save big on all four seasons of this beloved reimagination of Sherlock Holmes. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Sherlock, who shares the screen with Watson and Moriarty.

$7 at Amazon

Documentary of horrors: Surviving R. Kelly

This shocking series from Lifetime gives voice to the women who allege abuse and entrapment by R&B singer R. Kelly. Hear their stories of survival as the investigations and criminal cases begin.

$10 at Amazon

Protecting the ranch: Yellowstone

Kevin Costner headlines this Paramount Network series as a rancher in Big Sky country. He is trying to keep his Montana ranch, and the only life his family knows, as changes threaten all he loves.

$9 at Amazon

Begin the Rebellion: Star Wars Rebels

Rebels has been an incredibly popular animated Star Wars series, especially with the younglings. You can get deep discounts on seasons 1-3 as well as the extended specials.

$10 at Amazon

Oppose the First Order: Star Wars Resistance

Join the Resistance with Kaz and a team of pilots as they fight against the early days of the First Order. The show features some characters from the latest Star Wars movie trilogy.

$13 at Amazon

How to Investigate: Murdoch Mysteries

Check out this Victorian era mystery series, which explores the early days of forensic police-work including fingerprinting and profiling. There are 11 discounted seasons for you to buy and binge.

From $9 at Amazon

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rihanna: Broad City

The final season of Abbi and Ilana's adventures in New York City aired earlier this year on Comedy Central. CordCutters can now own season 5, and re-watch the epic ending again and again.

$9 at Amazon

Defender of love & justice: Sailor Moon

An Anime classic series follows a schoolgirl who becomes a legendary hero and guardian of the planet. Collections of the first four seasons are on sale right now.

$9 at Amazon

Modern Matrimony: Married at First Sight

Six singles are picked each season for a social experiment where they are paired up by matchmakers and legally married as soon as they meet. Will the relationships survive the months ahead?

$7 at Amazon

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