What you need to know

  • ACC sports now has a dedicated channel.
  • As does USA Today and Now This for news.
  • And it's all free.

In addition to the Fubo Sports Network, Roku has added a few other free networks to The Roku Channel. And their from some names you likely know.

  • The ACC Digital Network brings original on-demand content all year long from on of the top college athletics conferences. (Yes, even for football.) Look for it as ACCDN.
  • USA Today brings local and national news, as well as entertainment, sports, technology, finance and more from one of the nation's top news sources.
  • Now This brings the uber-popular news brand (that's a little different from a news source) that you've no doubt seen on Facebook or Twitter. This channel will have video news, investigative reports and interviews, and original series.
  • Comedy Dynamics adds stand-up specials, TV shows, films and documentaries from a wealth of comedic talent.
  • And, of course, there's the aforementioned Fubo Sports Network, which brings a bunch of original programming from the world of sports.

And there's been one more addition to Roku's premium section. SI TV brings original series and documentaries from the biggest name of sports, all year long.

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To get to any and all of this content, just fire up The Roku Channel from your Roku's home screen. It's a hub for all kinds of content — some free, some paid — and is starting to give the likes of Amazon Prime Video a serious run for its money.

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