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Roku today announced its Black Friday deals ahead of Black Friday (which is how these things are done now. And you're going to be able to save a ton on a bunch of great Roku products.

Let's just get right to it:

Roku Ultra is half-off on Black Friday

The biggest deal, perhaps, is the new Roku Ultra. This is the top-shelf Roku player, and it's absolutely the one we recommend you get. It does 4K resolution and HDR 10, and still is the only Roku player with an Ethernet port, so you can plug into your home network for the fastest possible speeds and lowest latency.

And the Roku Ultra will cost just $49 on Black Friday, down from its usual $99 retail price. It'll be on sale from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2.

Roku Streaming Stick+ is 40% off on Black Friday

Next is the Roku Streaming Stick+. If you just have to have a stick, this is the one to get. It also handles 4K resolution and HDR 10, and relies on 802.11ac for wireless networking.

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And it'll be on sale from Nov. 24-Dec. 2 for $29.99, down from its usual $49.99.

Save $30 on the Roku Smart Soundbar on Black Friday

The Roku Smart Soundbar is just what it sounds like. It's a full Roku player built in to a soundbar, meaning it's just one thing to plug in to your TV. It's got some great audio features and also does 4K resolution and HDR. And it'll be available Nov. 24-Dec. 7 at Best Buy and Roku's website for $149.99, shaving $30 off the retail price.

And from Nov. 29 to Dec. 2 you'll be able to bundle it with a Roku Wireless Subwoofer for $269.99.

Get a Roku SE for just $18

This is Roku hoping to get the most frugal of the Black Friday shoppers into the ecosystem on the cheap. (And this isn't the first Black Friday it's done this with this same device.)

It's the sort of Roku player you'd put in a secondary TV that's not used all the time. And it'll be available for $18 as a Walmart exclusive starting Nov. 28 until it sells out. And it will sell out.

Get an onn. Roku TV starting at $98

If you want a cheap TV with Roku built into it, Walmart's own onn. brand will be deeply discounted starting Nov. 29. This is the first time the onn. brand is doing a Roku TV, and it's got three models on its plate.

The 40-inch 1080p model will run $98. There's a 50-inch model going for $148, and a 58-incher for $198. Both of those do 4K resolution.

Get a new Roku and get some free Hulu

And one more Roku deal coming on Black Friday. (Actually, this one's active now.) If you get a new Roku device and activate it before Feb. 9, 2020, you'll get three free months of Hulu and Pandora Premium. Which is pretty cool.

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