Roku is looking to truly become a one-stop shop for streaming video, according to a report from Variety. The report states that Roku could begin to offer subscriptions to third-party services from within the Roku ecosystem, much like what Amazon Channels accomplishes, and like what Apple is rumored to be working on with its own TV app.

The goal, of course, is to make signing up for services even easier — and keeping folks within a specific platform's ecosystem. And you've sort of been able to do that already — you can certainly watch HBO Now or Showtime on Roku. But you have to download the HBO or Showtime app to do so, and then deal with payment options.

What's new, according to Variety, is that you'll remit payment through "Roku Pay," just like you pay for Amazon Prime Video Channels through your Amazon account, or presumably will pay for third-party subscriptions via Apple Pay.

From Variety:

Roku plans to launch a marketplace for video subscription services in the coming months, which will allow consumers to sign up for and watch subscription services without the need to download separate apps on Roku devices, Variety has learned from multiple sources familiar with the company's plans. The marketplace is said to be similar to Amazon Channels, a popular à la carte offering available on Fire TV devices.



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