Roku Wireless Speakers The Roku Wireless Speakers are now expected to ship in November. They're on sale for $179 through mid-October.

One last little nugget from today's Roku news — in addition to the new Roku Premiere and Premiere+ boxes, and the OS update. The Roku Wireless Speakers — which are designed especially for TVs that use the Roku operating system and promise easy setup and much better sound than what you get with the TV's speakers — have slipped a tad from an October release to November.

There's a pretty good reason for that, though.

There's good stuff coming in Roku OS 8.2, which is starting its staged rollout now to Roku TVs now and is expected to be finished sometime in November. (That's if everything goes well.) That includes automatic volume leveling for the Wireless Speakers, as well as "speech clarity," which tunes things so that you can hear dialog more clearly.

So as often is the case, the hardware and software have to meet, and as is often the case the former is at the mercy of the latter. Hardware takes longer to nail down, so you finish it first. Then you set a date for the software. (And sometimes that date shifts.)

So you can still preorder the Roku Wireless Speakers now for $179, before they hit $199 in mid-October. They'll still come with a voice remote, and they'll still come with the new tabletop remote.

Just look for them to ship sometime in November.

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