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DISH TV — parent company of Sling TV — on Tuesday announced its earnings for the first quarter of 2018. The DISH numbers themselves weren't great —it closed out the first three months of the year with about 380,000 fewer paying subscribers, compared to Q1 2017, even though it lost fewer net pay-TV subscribers than it did a year ago. That number includes DISH TV proper as well as Sling.

But Sling TV itself saw some 91,000 new subscribers in the first quarter, with a lower monthly churn rate compared to Q1 2017.

Sling is known as one of the less-expensive streaming TV options, with its Orange and Blue plans starting at $20 and $25 each, respectively. Sling has a large number of add-ons beyond that, allowing subscribers to tailor their packages (and their total pricing) much more than with other services.

As of March 31, 2018, Sling TV says it has a total of 2.303 million subscribers. Average revenue per user — that it, how much money an average customer makes the company — fell from $86.55 to $84.50 in the first quarter. Net income was $368 million, down from $376 million a year ago.

Sling TV


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