What you need to know

  • Sling has added new search features including a 'Popular Searches' section
  • There's a new guide that's "micro" to use while continuing to watch your show.
  • These upgrades are rolling out to Sling users on Xbox, LG, and Samsung smart TVs.

Sling is continuing to improve the usability of its service with some nice upgrades to search and guides for its app on Xbox, LG, and Samsung smart TVs. Sling states in a blog post that their No. 1 job is:

to make sure you have a great entertainment experience, and that starts with bringing you features that deliver a seamless user experience across all our devices.

Source: Sling

The new search feature puts a keyboard and search box on the left side of your screen with some "Popular Searches" showing on the right side when you launch search. These "Popular Searches" are intended to show you the most searched-for content on a day by day basis. When you do perform a search, the results will be shown in categories like "Top Results," "Movies," "Shows," and more. There are even "Recent Searches" that show in the lower left portion so you can reference back to previous program explorations.

Source: Sling

Sling's guide is also getting an update, with a "Micro Guide." The goal of this feature is to allow you to continue watching your program while still being able to able to view upcoming shows in a smaller guide. This new guide will be out of the way, situated at the bottom of the screen. There's also the inclusion of some channel filters at the top of the "Micro Guide" that will let you see what's live on things like "My Channels," "Premiums," "Sports," and others.

These seem like some solid and useful features for Sling customers that enjoy using the app through their Xbox, LG and Samsung smart TVs.

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