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Dish Network — the parent company of Sling TV — today announced its third-quarter earnings. Here's what you need to know:

  • Sling added approximately 26,000 subscribers for July through October. (It added 41,000 subscribers in Q2, and 91,000 in Q1.)
  • That brings Sling up to some 2.37 million subscribers in total.
  • Total subscribers to Dish Networks' pay service — which includes its satellite service — fell from just under 13 million to 10.286 million total subscribers.
  • That's a loss of 341,000 pay subscribers in the third quarter.
  • Net pay-TV subscribers declined approximately 341,000 in the third quarter, compared with an increase of approximately 16,000 in the third quarter 2017.
  • That's more than a 2,000 percent increase in net losses year over year.
  • Dish's net income was $432 million for the third quarter 2018, up from $297 million during the same quarter in 2017.
  • Dish Network's 2018 year-to-date revenue totaled $10.31 billion, compared with $10.91 billion in revenue from the same period last year.

What's that mean for you as a subscriber? Not much, really, though Sling has (like other providers) implemented a price increase earlier this year.

Sling TV


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