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Sling TV is darn close to what we think we actually want in a TV experience. You know that dream where you only pay for the channels you want, and don't waste time (and money!) flipping passed row after row of channel that you couldn't care less about? That's what Sling's trying to overcome.

It's close. It's really, really close.

With Sling, you still have to deal with plans — packages of channels. And those packages maybe aren't quite as huge as what you'll find on other services. But Sling comes back at that with a world's worth of optional add-ons.

Sling is the biggest live streaming service in the United States, with some 2.344 million subscribers as of June 30, 2018.

Sling TV plans and pricing

Here's the deal: Sling has two basic plans. One is called "Orange" and is $25 a month. (It increased $5 a month on June 28, 2018.) The other is called "Blue" and is $25 a month. And there's a Venn Diagram thing going on here. The two plans share some channels, but also have channels that are exclusive to one or the other. Or you can have both plans for $40 a month, which isn't too bad.

And then there are the add-ons. There are a lot of add-ons. And while you might think you're being nickeled and dimed a little bit, consider this — if you don't want *all the news channels**, you don't have to have all the news channels. Don't need kids' apps? Don't pay for the kids' apps. Comedy channels just not your thing? Don't buy 'em.

Want cloud-based DVR? OK, that's $5 a month.

Get the idea? There's a lot of choice here. Almost too much. But we're not going to start complaining about that anytime soon.

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What devices does Sling TV work on?

The short version? There's a really good chance that whatever phone you have in your hand, whatever tablet is on your nightstand — whatever smart TV or set-top box you have in your living room. Chances are you'll be able to watch Sling TV on it.

It's that ubiquitous.

Just one more way Sling gives you choice, right?

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What's great about Sling?

The choices. That you have real options over what channels you pay for — OK, still in a couple of fairly large batches with the two plans, but also with the smaller add-on groups — is as close to proper a la carte TV as we've ever had.

And the prices are definitely competitive, unless of course you go whole hog and buy out the store. But that's on you, really.

And you do you.

And on June 28, 2018, Sling unleashed a number of new features available even to non-subscribers, including a-la-carte channels like Showtime, and pay-per-view events.

What's not so great about Sling?

This one's always driven me nuts — Sling's on-screen guide. Would a simple alphabetical list kill anyone in 2018? On the other hand, Cable TV would order things by channel number. And we certainly got used to that, didn't we.

But, still. Alphabetical order is what almost every other streaming uses. It's neat. It's logical.

And like only paying for the channels you want to watch, it just makes sense.

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