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This isn't quite a good news/bad news thing, but it's close. Sling TV and the NFL are going at it, and Sling customers no longer have access to the NFL Network or NFL RedZone. That's obviously not good, particularly if you're spending extra for the Sling Blue Extras that have those channels.

The problem — as always — undoubtedly comes down to money. The NFL almost certainly wants more than what Sling wants to pay to carry it. So the fault — as always — depends on to whom you're talking.

Here's Sling's side of things:

We're constantly working to provide you with the best service at the best value, with the greatest flexibility. Unfortunately, the NFL - the owner of NFL Network and NFL RedZone - has chosen to block your access to their channels.

The NFL is asking for a simply unacceptable rate increase, and is asking you to pay more for the same programming you receive today. We know how frustrating this is, and we're working as hard as possible to reach a reasonable agreement.

Sling says it won't be refunding anyone for the loss of the NFL channels.

AT&T TV lost its access to the NFL Network in April 2019 and never reached a deal. The NFL Network is still available on Fubo TV.

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The "good" news, if there's any to be found here, is that nobody's really missing all that much yet. We're still months away from any potential NFL season (though there's definitely news to be had in the offseason). And with the current state of things as they are, who knows what the season will look like once the fall gets here.

That's of little consolation to hardcore football fans, of course — or to any Sling subscribers who are stuck paying for something they're longer getting.

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