Sling TV

Sling this morning announced that its $5-a-month cloud-based DVR is now available on "almost all of your devices." Ignoring the fact that we're talking about cloud-based video magically being made available on pretty standard hardware, the list has definitely grown.

In addition to AirTV, Amazon Fire TV, Android phones and tablets, Android TVs, Apple TV and Roku, Sling's DVR now works through Chromecast and the Chrome browser, iPhones and iPads, LG TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Windows 10 devices and Xbox consoles.

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Sling's DVR service gives you 50 hours of recording capability. (That breaks down to a nickel per hour of video saved, assuming you fill the thing up.) As with all of Sling's add-on services, it's completely optional. So if you're more of a video-on-demand sort of person and don't care about actual recordings, you can just skip this one.

Sling TV


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