PlayStation VueSource: CordCutters

What you need to know

  • PlayStation Vue has been losing money for Sony for a long time now.
  • And Sony has ended the PS Vue affiliate program.
  • But it hasn't sold the service to anyone yet.

Sony — which owns PlayStation Vue — reportedly has been shopping around the multichannel video programming distributor. (That's a live TV streaming service, for those who prefer English.) The news, according to anonymous sources in The Information, is hardly surprising given that Sony has done very little to promote PS Vue the past few years, and in recent months opted to end its affilate program, which offers monteary incentives to induce registrations.

Fubo TV has named as one potential buyer, though those talks haven't gone anywhere. Presumably Sony's talking to, well, everyone — because everyone's always talking to everyone anyway.

From The Information:

The company tapped Bank of America Merrill Lynch several months ago to explore a sale, which would include the company's technology and a subscriber list of around 500,000 households, according to the people. Selling Playstation Vue, which loses money, would help Sony at a time when it is fending off activist investor Daniel Loeb, who is calling on the company to restructure in order to lift its stock price.

Among the companies that Sony has approached about Vue is FuboTV, a sports-oriented streaming service, although those discussions haven't gone anywhere, according to one of the people. The business is likely to be valued in the tens of millions, the person said.

So what does this mean to anyone who's not in the market to buy a multi-million video distribution service? Not all that much. PlayStation Vue still works, if you're a subscriber. If you're thinking about subscribing, there's really no reason to not take a look — like every other streaming service out there, you can cancel any time should things go south.