Sony today announced a crazy new "SXRD" — that's Sony speak for Silicon X-Tal Reflective Display and signal processor. They are the SXRD241A and CXD3554GG, respectively. But what you need to know is this:

They can put video on curves. And corners. And do it perfectly, and in high definition.

We're not talking about a full projector here. We're talking about the parts. But the parts are important, even if any of this isn't exactly the sort of thing that's going to be in your living room anytime soon. The tech is meant for portable projectors, though, and we're big fans of those.

Improved resolution and picture quality is awesome. Nobody will ever turn that down. But what's really cool here is the ability to compensate the picture so it's that rectangular shape we all expect. And while going from a squished trapezoid to a rectangle isn't exactly new, being able to properly display video on a curve — again, in a portable-type product — is.

That not cool enough? How about the ability (using multiple projectors) to accurately cast video onto walls. Multiple walls. Making a 90-degree turn at a corner. With the projectors adapting themselves.

That's pretty awesome.