Spotify on Roku

The headline says it all, folks. After a bit of time away, you can once again listen to Spotify directly through your Roku account. That's a big deal these days because quite often the best speakers in the house are connected to a television. And one in four smart TVs sold today is a Roku TV. Therefore, if our math is correct, something like one out of every seven speakers has Spotify.

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Or something like that. Our math may not, actually, be correct.

But that's not important. What is important is that you once again can listen to Spotify through Roku. All you need is a Roku device (v. 3600 and up) running Roku OS 8.2 and up. Here's how Roku itself puts things:

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Spotify lets you discover, manage and share over 40M songs for free. You can choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium for access to exclusive features like improved sound quality and ad-free listening. Users will be able to launch Spotify and navigate the channel using a Roku remote, or via Spotify Connect, which controls the Roku channel using a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. And if you're a Roku TV owner, our new Roku TV Wireless Speakers make the perfect companion to Spotify to deliver powerful, premium audio.

Roku TV Wireless Speakers are $199 and will be available this month.

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