CBS All Access

After a month of madness — that'd be March Madness — it all comes down to tonight. The men's basketball teams from Virginia and Texas Tech face off at 9 p.m. Eastern (that's 6 p.m. on the West Coast) on CBS.

And if you're looking for a way to legally stream the championship game (that part's important, y'all), might we suggest a free trial of CBS All Access.

A few reasons why:

First: You'll get to stream tonight's championship game on pretty much any device you own. Roku. Your Vizio TV. Your Apple TV box. Android TV. Xbox. PlayStation. Your phone. Your whatever. It just works.

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Second: Once the games over there's still a ton of original content you'll want to check out. Jordan Peele's reboot of The Twilight Zone is full of potential. Star Trek: Discovery is worthy of future exploration. (See what we did there?) And more original shows are on the way, in addition to what's already there.

Third: You'll find CBS' full slate of series available on demand. So you can watch all the CSI/FBI/SWAT/Hawaii 5-0 and whatever else tickles your fancy — all day long.

But for tonight, it's basketball. Game on.

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