T-Mobile has announced that beginning on April 14, the company will begin rolling out its TVision Home streaming service, which is the rebranded Layer3 TV that the company acquired back in early 2018. To start, the service will only be available in eight cities, which include Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. metro areas, as well as Longmont, Colo. Additional markets are set to launch later this year, but at this time T-Mobile hasn't said how many, or where they may be.

TVision Home builds on the foundation of Layer3 TV and adds some of T-Mobile's own touches, like no hidden fees, no annual service contracts, and more. There will be more than 275 channels available, including local and regional sports, and on-demand options to watch at your own pace. Each customer can have his or her own profile to change up preferences, and there will be a bunch of apps available as well, including iHeartRadio, HSN, YouTube, Netflix, and more. Thanks to a new agreement between T-Mobile and Amazon, even Prime Video will be available on TVision Home. You'll be able to use Amazon's Alexa or Google Home to control TVision as well, making it a perfect option for smart home lovers.

In typical T-Mobile fashion, the company will even pay up to $500 to get you out of your existing Dish or DirecTV contract.

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