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Tablo TV has announced that it's releasing an update to its over-the-air DVR boxes that will allow you to automatically skip commercials in shows that you've recorded.

You'll be looking for firmware version 2.2.26. It's a staged rollout, though, which means some folks will get it now, and more will get it over the next couple of weeks. You'll be notified in your Tablo app when the download is available.

Once you've got the new firmware up and running, it'll take your Tablo box a few minutes to run its database through its paces. (Tablo says to be sure not to power things down while the light is blinking and that's happening.)

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After that, you'll be able to skip commercials — again, for shows that you've completely recorded — all you want. You'll just need to enable it in the app on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, or in the app on Apple TV.

Here's how the channel skipping actually works:

Once enabled, your Tablo DVR will upload a small portion of completed recordings to the Tablo Commercial Skip Server for processing. A hybrid of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning will examine the data and mark the sections containing commercials.

When a recording has been processed successfully, a new playlist will be delivered back to your Tablo that will automatically jump over the sections with commercials (marked in yellow).

Not bad, indeed. So be on the lookout for your download, then get to it.

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