As promised, you can now purchase the Tablo Quad directly from Tablo — and also from Amazon — for $199. What is it, you ask? It's an over-the-air streaming box that shares TV from an antenna to up to four devices at once, and has the ability to record shows, too.

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That in and of itself isn't necessarily a huge deal — Tablo has been doing that (and doing it very well) for quite some time. But what's novel with this latest iteration is that it now can use an internal hard drive. You'll still need to buy that SATA drive yourself (you can pick up a 1TB model for about $50), but it's now hidden inside the box itself, which is a decidedly better look.

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And, yes, if you prefer the external hard drive look, you can plug one in via USB. That hasn't changed. It also works with Wifi or Ethernet, and can stream channels that support 5.1 surround sound.

In addition to all that, Tablo has one of the best on-screen guides we've seen. You get 24 hours of guide data for free, but we definitely recommend checking out the extra stuff you get in the paid version, which includes listings way into the future, more recording options, and other options for showing you what's coming up.


Tablo Quad

One of the best OTA DVRs you can get.

Tablo boxes make recording over-the-air television as simple as it gets. Just plug in an antenna and a hard drive and go. This model includes 4 tuners and can use an internal hard drive — but you'll have to buy that part yourself.

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