For those who prefer their over-the-air television connected to some local storage for DVR purposes, Tablo has been a wonderful option. But non of its hardware would be considered anywhere near the "affordable" category — until now. Tablo Dual Lite brings a box with two tuners and — well, that's it.

Tablo Dual LiteTablo Dual Lite is the new entry-level box for Tablo, separating itself from the original Dual by the fact that it lacks the 64GB of onboard storage. Instead, you have the option of plugging in your own hard drive — up to 8 terrabytes — or using Tablo's new cloud-based DVR, which is currently in beta testing. Tablo transcodes the TV stream on the fly, which kills the quality a little but also goes easy on your home networking bandwidth. To that end, Dual Lite also upgrades the Wifi capabilities to 802.11ac.

The price for this new model? A mere $139 — shaving some $80 off the price of the original Tablo Dual. (And pretty much rendering it moot in the process — you can buy a 1TB external drive for less than $60.)

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