Tablo Quad

Tablo — maker of the excellent over-the-air streaming box that also lets you record shows with ease — today at CES in Las Vegas announced a new four-tuner box. The aptly named Tablo Quad will be available this quarter for $199 in the U.S., or $259 in Canada.

If it looks fairly familiar, it should, with design very much like the Tablo Dual line. It's the internals that start to get interesting. First is that the network connection has been updated to Wifi 5. (That's 802.11ac for those who prefer the older designation.) There's still an ethernet jack on board if you prefer to plug things in, though, and having a gigabit option is nice. From there, you'll be able to share that free OTA TV to all kinds of devices throughout your home.

Recording is where things really start to get interesting. While you could always plug in an external hard drive — and Tablo makes this super simple to do — the Tablo Quad has room in the box for a 2.5-inch drive via SATA. That means less hardware out in the open, which is always a good thing. (You're still limited to 8 terabytes of total storage, though.)

In addition, Tablo announced that a new feature will be headed to all of its boxes later this year — the ability to skip commercials. It'll be in open beta status in March and available to anyone who subscribes to Tablo's service.

Update: And here comes the competition. HDHomerun announced the Scribe Duo, with its own built-in hard drive.



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